Doodling is a great way to express yourself, relieve stress or if you're in high school, to remain conscious (and sort of paying attention) during 6th period consumer math class. 
That’s where our journey really started gaining traction and where our career paths were essentially chosen.  Doodling dress designs for all sorts of make-believe events in the corners of our notebooks, layering gel pens and permanent markers to create stylistic effects and getting creative in the best way possible.  Keep in mind art doesn't have to be “good” to be freeing. Whether good or bad, the point is you are expressing yourself. 
We want to be clear that the rigid dress code of our youth is not the same code we follow now, which is a “No rules, just right” sorta vibe. Our current “dress code” can be seen on our social media and will be expanded upon in our blog posts.  It is a code to be followed to live your “best dressed life” - full of self expression, creativity and of course your own happiness, everyone should feel fab-”you”-lous in their own clothes! 
Doodling gave us the freedom to create in a safe space.  And to think, all that doodling led to this - fashion design school, professors, small business owners, stylists and social media mavens.  
That’s the thing with creativity, you never know which path it will lead you down. 
We are happy to invite you along on the next curve in our path, The Dress Code Blog. 

Live life in Color, 
Andrea and Samantha Bartlett
Co-Founders of STITCHed Fashion Consulting