We like to think our sales experience was first cultivated somewhere around 1998, when we had to go door to door selling wrapping paper and other holiday treats from a catalogue for a school fundraiser. Our Dad, being the master salesman he is, made us practice our “sales pitch” in front of him, which was just as terrifying as you think it would be when you are 8 years old and just want to play with your Barbies and watch Mary Kate and Ashley movies.

Nevertheless, we bundled up, took our little brother with us for the “cute” factor and because that’s what MK and Ashley would do (shout out to anyone who remembers #brotherforsale) and went door to door peddling our products.

Low and behold, all of the practicing worked and sure, bringing our toothless little brother with us to help “seal the deal” didn’t hurt either. But the important thing was, the “sales person” seed had been planted, and we would spend the next 15 years cultivating it. Conversing with customers, up selling and forming lasting relationships came easy to us, because it wasn’t about the money, it was about the fact that we wanted our customers to have the best experience. We have modified our “sales pitch” over the years to fit everything from wrapping paper, to Filet Marsala, to why you should wear those pants, with that top and style it with that jewelry. And although our pitch has taken on many forms, one thing has remained the same: we truly care about our clients and only want the best for them!