What We Offer


Boutique Styling

Boutique Styling is a great way to help your brick and mortar store stand out! We use our merchandising and styling expertise to give your customers an example of what their outfits could look like, encouraging them to step out of their comfort zone and try something new!

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Personal Styling

Personal styling is the best service to elevate your unique look and highlight your best features! 

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Boutique Refresh

Boutique Refresh is the perfect way to give your storefront a polished look! Let us help your store sparkle! Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall, no matter the season there’s always a reason to refresh!

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Wardrobe Refresh

Wardrobe Refresh is a great service to use in between seasons or whenever the "urge to purge" strikes! Let us help you organize your closet to best for your own personal needs and create a capsule wardrobe for each season! 

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Social Media Management

Social media management is the best way to elevate your current online presence, let us help you take your posts from drab to fab! 

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Business Management

Business management is a great service for new and old business alike! With 10+ years of sales and customer service experience we can help with all you current and future business needs. 

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